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To start a practice session, click on the student testing button.


The lesson tree is then displayed. Select a lesson by clicking the plus symbol next to the course that contains the lesson you want to practice. Next, click on the lesson you want to practice. Finally, click on the Practice button. If you want to take a test, click on the Test button

A practice session is different from a test because helpful feedback is provided during pactice. You are told whether your answer is correct or not. If you misspell the word, you are required to repeat that word until it is spelled correctly. After a miss, the letters in the word are displayed on the screen in alphabetical order. If you miss the word three times, it will be spelled for you but you still have to type in the correct answer. A practice session continues until you spell all words correctly on the first try.

During testing, the only feedback provided is your current score in the upper right hand corner. Testing is not intended to be a learning experience. If you want to learn your lessons PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!


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