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All users of iSpellWell are required to logon before using the software. Identifying the student serves two purposes. First, the students' performance can be tracked. An electronic scorecard of the students' practice and test sessions is kept for reference and performance tracking.

Second, iSpellWell speaks to children in a personal way, calling them by first name. This is done primarily during practice sessions. When a student gets the correct answer, iSpellWell will say something like: "Good job Jimmy. You are an excellent speller." If the student misses the answer, iSpellWell will say something like: "Sorry Jimmy. You are not quite there yet. Keep trying."

To logon, simply type your logon name (first and last name) where indicated. Your name will be automatically completed as you type. When your name is complete, click the OK button to continue with the program.

New users may be added to iSpellWell at any time using the New Student Wizard.




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