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To edit a lesson, click Lesson from the Edit menu. To see a screen shot of the Edit menu click here. The Edit Lesson Window is shown below. First, select the course. Next, use the database navigator to move to the desired lesson. Edit the desired fields. To edit the words in the lesson click on the button to display the Edit Words Window which is displayed and explained below.

Use the database navigator bar to move through the word list and edit the fields as necessary. You can use Merlin to play the words by pressing the play button. If Merlin does not pronounce the word properly as entered you can enter a phonetic spelling in that field. Sometimes Microsoft Agent Technology pronounces words better when they are accompanied by a period or exclamation point. For example, the word "grade" spoken alone by Microsoft Agent may be difficult to understand. If you enter "grade." as the Phonetic spelling, it is pronounced much more clearly by Microsoft Agent. Sometimes, the exclamation point makes the word sound even better i.e. "grade!".




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