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Hardware & Software

iSpellWell is an innovative software product that helps school children master their spelling lessons. iSpellWell uses Microsoft Agent Technology, which allows the computer to speak to children in a personal way, calling them by their first name. For parents, this software will turn out to be one of the best investments you will ever make toward the development of your child's spelling skills. iSpellWell comes with dozens of spelling lessons that provide an excellent tool to help improve a child's spelling. Moreover, when iSpellWell is used in conjunction with your school's weekly spelling lessons, spelling performance at school improves dramatically.

Please tell your teacher and principal about iSpellWell. It was designed so that weekly spelling lessons can be easily shared between teachers and students. iSpellWell frequently works with schools to provide Internet access to your school's weekly spelling lessons. iSpellWell can also provide custom a version of the software for your school that contains your school's weekly spelling lessons.

Please have your teacher or principal visit our web site at for additional information. You can contact us via e-mail at

Even if your school does not partner with iSpellWell to develop custom lessons, you can easily enter your own lessons in a matter of minutes through the use of Wizards. Click on Getting Started to find out more.

This documentation is divided into sections covering the various parts of the program. Click on a topic to the left to learn more about the particular functions of iSpellWell.




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