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Unique Fundraising/Learning Opportunity

iSpellWell is pleased to offer a wonderful new fundraising/learning opportunity for schools, parents and children. Under the program, schools and iSpellWell work together to produce custom software that contains some or all of the schools yearly spelling lessons. Additional lessons can be easily added after the software is distributed. Parents are given the opportunity to purchase the software as part of a fundraising project for the school. Everyone benefits from the project, especially the children who use the software to learn their weekly spelling lessons.

Cost and Direct Earnings for Your School

The fundraising opportunity is simple. The software is offered to schools as part of a fundraising program. A customized version of the software that contains all of the schools spelling lessons for the year is offered to parents and others in the community for purchase on a CD-ROM. These lessons are prepared by the schools teachers and incorporated into iSpellWell. Half of the purchase price goes to the school. A generic version of the software (without customized lessons) retails for $30. iSpellWell charges the school only $15 for each CD-ROM unit. The school earns $15 per unit sold. Promotional materials are provided online that can be printed and sent home with students to explain the program to parents.

The only action required by your school is to enter the lessons into the software. This process is made elegantly easy by the iSpellWell software. It is simply matter of typing the words, sentences and definitions in an organized fashion. Once the school creates the lessons, they are delivered to iSpellWell. The custom lessons are then integrated seamlessly into the iSpellWell software and a custom software package is created especially for your school. (Additional lessons can be given to students after the software is distributed using diskettes or the Internet.)

At that point the fundraiser is ready to go. Promotional materials are provided online to encourage parents to purchase the software for their children. When all orders are received from parents, your school will place its order with iSpellWell for the exact number of CD-ROM packages required. Payment to iSpellWell is required within 30 days after delivery of the software to your school. The entire process is very simple and does not require any of your students to knock on their neighbor’s doors as is required by other fundraising projects.

Additional Benefits

Each school that participates in the program also receives a license to use the software on the school premises for one year. Your school can continue to use the software on your school premises as long as you continue with the fundraiser on a yearly basis. A single school license retails for $2000 making the participation in the program even more of a benefit to your school.

Most importantly, this fundraiser does not require your students to go door-to-door. All communications are done through pamphlets sent home to parents. Further, the CD-ROM software is sent to your school to be distributed to students on net 30-day terms so there is no up front cost or down payment required.

Benefits Summary

  • Great Software. Customized version for each school participating in the program.
  • Great learning opportunity for children.
  • Great help for parents. Children can practice spelling on their own.
  • Great financial opportunity for schools. One half of the purchase price goes to your school.
  • Great referral program. Schools can earn additional money by referring the program to other schools.
  • Additional lessons can be added to and shared with students via diskettes, e-mail or the Internet.
  • Free iSpellWell software for participating schools.
  • No door-to-door selling required. Safe for students.


Participating in the iSpellWell fund-raiser is a simple process. Simply visit and complete the sign up form. You will receive by mail:

  • A fully functional copy of iSpellWell to be used to create custom lessons for your students.
  • License Agreement Forms
  • Promotional Materials
  • Referral Confirmation Forms

Distribution of custom lessons during your fund-raiser may be handled in a number of different ways. You may distribute the standard lessons that come with iSpellWell without any custom lessons. You may distribute some custom lessons with iSpellWell with the idea of distributing other lessons later. (Remember that distributing lessons to students at a later date is made easy with iSpellWell. Lessons can be distributed on diskette, over the Internet or via networks.) The final option is to deliver all of your schools custom lessons as part of the fund-raiser. This takes a little bit of effort and planning. The best plan is to have teachers from each grade pool their efforts and create a group of lessons for that grade. That way each teacher becomes familiar with iSpellWell and is not responsible for entering all the lessons.

Once your custom lessons are complete, use the export feature and e-mail them to At that point you are ready to take orders from parents and students.

When orders are complete, send an email to Your schools order will be confirmed by a telephone call and then placed into production. You can expect to receive your customized version of iSpellWell in 2-3 weeks. When the CD-ROM packages arrive at your school, distribute them to your students and collect the money due. After the money is collected, pay the invoice that comes with your package. It could not be easier. Get Started Today!




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