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iSpellWell is an incredible spelling software program that helps children master English spelling words in a personal spelling bee format. It is a combination of advanced spelling software technology and proven teaching techniques resulting in a wonderful spelling game that will entertain your child for hours. iSpellWell spelling software uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology and Microsoft Agent Technology . This combination allows your computer to speak to and interact with your child in a uniquely personal way during the entire spelling bee. iSpellWell spelling software actually calls your child by first name. iSpellWell comes with hundreds of spelling words and dozens of spelling lessons. More importantly, iSpellWell spelling software can be customized with your school's weekly spelling lists with little effort. The bottom line is that your child's spelling performance improves dramatically with the use of iSpellWell. Best of all, children can study spelling by themselves so it is perfect as a homeschool spelling software tutor. NEW Now there is even an OnLine version. Click here try it out.

There is a free trial version of the software that you may download use at no charge for 60 days. Click the button to the left to download the program. If you are an educator, please be sure to read about our unique fundraiser plan that allows schools to take advantage of this technology with no outlay of cash. In fact, your school will earn money by participating in the fundraising program.

Parents who purchase the spelling software agree that iSpellWell will turn out to be one of the best investments they will ever make toward the development of their child's spelling skills.

Be sure to download our Free 60 Day Trial Version. Click on a menu item to the left to learn more about iSpellWell.


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